The Group of Studies on Creativity in Music is formed by a multidisciplinary team representing the areas of music, sociology, pedagogy, letters, visual arts and psychology. It is led by musician Dr. Luciano da Costa Nazario and currently has the support of musician Ms Ivanov Robertson de Oliveira Basso (UFPEL), anthropologist and master student in anthropology Luciene Mourige Barbosa (UFPEL), pedagogue Charlise Pereira e Silva (FURG) , students of the psychology course Alex Sandro Rodrigues Martins (FURG), Maiky Jhones do Amaral Mendes (FURG), Benjamin Dias Pacce (FURG), Eduardo Teixeira Martins (FURG), student of the letter course Erick Sullivan (FURG) and the student of the visual arts course André da Silveira Soares (FURG). The group was created in November 2017 and aims to understand the complexity of the phenomena involved in both the development and the inhibition of creativity in music. It seeks to obtain a more holistic view (involving other fields of knowledge) on this subject. From the line of research entitled Musical Arts - creative processes and subjectivity, the group is dedicated to the studies on the elements that compose the creative processes in music, involving the study of music in its educational, psychological, cultural and social aspects. It seeks, in this line of research, to understand the relations of the creative act within subjectivity and human intersubjectivity. The group is still in the initial phase of work. However, the research has been underway since 2013 and its results have been published in national journals (ABEM magazine) and international journals (Thought) (work) and Literacy Information and Computer Education Journal (LICEJ). In addition, the research is generating a base of musical creation practices as a product of technological innovation. These practices were presented at international congresses in Argentina, Costa Rica, Ireland, Peru and China.


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