The research group, which is led by the teacher Salah Hassan Khaled Junior, works in the area of Criminal Sciences (Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Policy and Criminology) and is aware of the need of a refusal of the modern ideal of severability, establishing a multidisciplinary discussion involving Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology and History of Ideas, as well as the Hermeneutic tradition.

The research lines of the group are Contemporary Penal Systems: Investigates the contemporary penal systems through a critical analysis of criminal law and criminal procedure, checking the different forms of violation / protection of the rights and guarantees of the human person. Also seeks to check the foundations of contemporary criminal justice policy discourse and its interaction with the criminal dogmatic and criminal procedure as well as its ethical implications in a system of guarantees of fundamental rights; Criminology and Social Control: The line of research aims to examine the issue of violence in its broadest sense, from the investigation of individual pathology, etiology and management of deviant behavior and violence produced by the institutions responsible for their control. Also seeks to evaluate alternative forms of social control and instruments for reducing the damage caused by multiple forms of violence; History of Ideas: Favors a certain class of ideas that shaped the modern European thought, constituting mechanisms of power legitimated by the scientific discourse, understood as being able to reveal the truth. Investigates the establishment of the modern dichotomies and how this tradition sees the perennial issues (God, Man, Society, Nature and History).