The Networks of Research and Studies in University Graduation is led by the teachers Gionara Tauchen e Catia Piccolo Viero Devechi, and consists of Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Universidade de Brasília, Universidade de Passo Fundo and Universidade Federal do Pampa researchers, and it is composed by teachers, doctors, doctoral fellows and undergraduates of the respective universities, bringing together teachers andresearchers from different knowledge fields.

The Network goal is  develop research on the processes of teacher training, epistemology and pedagogical processes, inovation, management and valuation policies, organization and production of knowledge in the field of higher education. The development of studies is linked to the Graduate Programs in Education (FURG, UnB, UPF) and Science Education: Chemistry of Life and Health (FURG) organized at the network in the following research line:

a) epistemology and teacher training: it investigates the foundations and epistemological principles underlying the processes of teaching and learning, the curricular processes of initial and continuing training strategies and permanent teachers working in Higher Education;

b) innovation and knowledge production: it investigates the strategies of innovation in teaching and production of innovative teaching; organization, evaluation and scientific production of graduate; and

c) policies of Higher Education: develops analytical, descriptive and comparative institutional policy and higher education, on teaching,research, extension and management as well as policies and programs to promote inclusion and citizenship.