The research group on Statistical Education at the Federal University of Rio Grande is headed by Professors Mauren Porciúncula and Suzi Samá. It aims to understand how students build statistical knowledge and how teachers develop their knowledge for teaching and learning this science. In this approach, it aims to promote the development of Statistical Education in Higher Education and Basic Education. The Research Group is based in the Laboratory of Cognitive Studies and Technologies in Statistical Education - LabEst - Research Laboratory, environment for the development of research and postgraduate guidance, in the research approach: teaching and learning processes and information technologies and communication in Statistical Education. LabEst also have, for teaching, the Statistics Learning Room - SalAEst - classroom for cooperative and interactive teaching and learning of Statistics; and for the extension, the Statistical Multimedia Literacy - LeME - program with the objective of promoting the statistical and multimedia literacy of students of Basic Education, as well as teacher training. These actions are supported by CNPq, MEC, FNDE, CAPES and FURG. Currently, FURG's Statistical Education Group coordinates the Statistical Education Working Group of the Brazilian Society of Mathematical Education (SBEM) and coordinates the International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP), the International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) of the International Statistical Institute (ISI).