The Study Group, Research and Learning in Accounting is led by the teacher Débora Gomes Machado. The research lines are teaching and research in accounting, economy and regional development, cost management, managerial accounting, and quantitative methods applied to research.

The activities developed by GEPECON are fully focused on the research. Among the ongoing research stands out: cost accounting in the accounting graduation course; The degree in accounting at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande - FURG; Activity based costing: analysis of scientific literature, from the perspective bibliometric and sociometric, the Congresso Brasileiro de Custos, in the period 2006 to 2010; Scientific production costs: analysis of national periodical publications in accounting, from the perspective of social networks and bibliometrics; Differences in content of the discipline of cost accounting in the post-graduate studies and graduate in accounting; Data envelopment analysis in the net generation: a study of the effectiveness of corporate IBrX-50 BM &FBovespa; Field research in management accounting perspective on network and bibliometrics.

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