This group is led by the teachers Eder Mateus Nunes Gonçalves e Diana Francisca Adamatti. The research lines are Methodologies for the specification of agent-based systems; Agent models; Organizational models for multiagente systems; Interaction regulation and coordination models; Models of agent societies; Models and methodologies for agent-based simulations; and Agent-oriented programming. The projects realized by the group are Modeling and Simulation of Public Policies – CNPq and FAPERGS; Social exchanges in multiagent systems: hybrid approaches for fuzzy reasoning and qualitative decision-making in environments with imperfect information – CNPq; Qualitative models of decision making and self-regulation mechanisms for social exchanges based on agent personalities in open multiagente systems  – CNPq; Framework for intelligent games – FAPERGS; Specification, modeling and verification of intelligent systems using Petri nets – FAPERGS; and Learning and integration of intelligent behaviors.

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