The Research Group “Literatura, Imaginário e Poéticas da Contemporaneidade” is led by Professor Dr. Mairim Linck Piva and compound by Professors Dr. Cláudia Mentz Martins, Dr. José Luís Giovanoni Fornos, Dr. Luciana Paiva Coronel, Dr. Raquel Rolando Souza e Dr. Sylvie Dion, of the Instituto de Letras e Artes (ILA), in the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande.

The research papers are linked to the lines of the Programa de Pós-Graduação em Letras, Mestrado e Doutorado em História da Literatura.  Noteworthy are the jobs associated to the line " “Literatura sul-rio-grandense”, which aims to study the literary process from regional perspectives provided by the history of literature and the theoretical framework of the Imaginary, as well as the works related to the line "Literatura, história e memória literária", which aim to study the relationship between Literature and History , in its different possibilities, from theoretical foundations provided by the Theory of Literature and the History Theory of Literature.

Also part of the group supervised several doctoral, masters and undergraduate teacher researchers, whose areas of expertise are linked to various research projects in the field of literature developed by these researchers.