The Education, Knowledge and Technology (EduTec) Research Group was created in 2006 by Dr. Gisele Vasconcelos Dziekaniak and Dr. Carlos Cândido de Almeida in response to the demand for group research projects on the organization of knowledge and related technologies. It was originally developed through a course at the University Library and is the first research group created by the Librarianship course at FURG. It is associated with CNPq.

The group currently pursues only one line of research, which is coordinated by Dr. Gisele Vasconcelos Dziekaniak. This line of research includes studies and reflections on the methodologies of knowledge organization. Its members research knowledge modeling, documentary analysis, thesauri, ontologies and the automated processing of information and knowledge. These activities impact the development of information retrieval technology, the organization of knowledge, the Semantic Web and the Social Web.

Throughout its history, EduTec has produced studies that have been published in various journals, both national and international:

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