This group is led by professors Ubiratã Soares Jacobi and Sonia Marisa Hefler. It studies plant anatomy, archaeobotany, vascular epiphytism, ethnobotany, plant physiology, eco-physiology, phytosociology, floristics, taxonomy, lichenized fungi, herbivory, conservation, environmental restoration and systematic botany.

The group’s fundamental premise is that knowledge of flora is the first step to subsidizing research and planning and executing policies for harnessing, managing and/or stewarding the environment. HURG’s staff has been collecting and identifying vegetation in Rio Grande City, RS, since 1980. The herbarium was officially indexed in The New York Botanical Garden’s Index Herbarium (USA) in 1982 under the abbreviation HURG. The HURG collection currently contains approximately 8,000 dried specimens. Among these are several noteworthy specimens with medicinal value collected from coastal ecosystems and endangered species, especially those found in Rio Grande City. Recording the flora and vegetation of the southern-most part of Rio Grande do Sul State contributes to the preservation of these resources. The HURG is also a depositary for voucher specimens used in academic studies, theses and other works on regional vegetation. In addition to its research, the group provides technical and scientific advice to the community.

Figures 1 e 2. Herbarium of the University of Rio Grande - FURG


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