This research group is led by professors Susana Ines Molon and Cleuza Maria Sobral Dias and includes academic researchers and teachers of undergraduate and graduate students. It is associated with the Laboratory for Research and Studies in Social Psychology (LAPEPSO) and the Center for Research on Youth and Adult Education (NEEJA). Those involved are educators and psychologists; they have unique life histories and academic trajectories but share a common commitment to action and intervention through research, education and outreach in initial and continuing teacher education. In addition to publishing the results of the work of both researchers and graduate students in books, journal articles and presentations at scientific events, the group participates in interagency projects and international exchanges. In 2009, Literacy and Environmental Education: contexts and subjects in question, edited by Susana Inês Molon and Cleuza Maria Sobral Dias, was published.

The research areas of the group include literacy, environmental education, constitution, the constitution of the subject, creative activity, teaching practice, youth and adult education and the life history and narratives of teachers.