The Documentation Center for Afro-Brazilian Culture (CONGA) is led by professor Dário de Araújo Lima and has a partnership with the Núcleo de Estudos em Space and Representations (NEER-UFPR, 2004; It celebrates a Brazilian society that is racially mixed, hybrid, syncretic and eclectic. CONGA’s academic production is substantial in its lines of inquiry and includes research and outreach projects and cultural and scientific activities associated with the Museum of the City of Rio Grande. Importantly, the collection of a technical archive is also one of CONGA’s research objectives. In partnership with the Museum's research group, the group maintains compliance with the legislation and the relevant artifact handling techniques for museologists, restorers and conservators of artifacts and assets. The group allows observation of the artifacts for the purpose of scientific research, teaching and outreach and permits students, under the guidance of teachers, to perform research on photographic images, collection activities, new processes, new technologies, cataloging processes, conservation, packaging and scientific interpretation of the museum’s technical archive. This collection targets the specific socially problematic object described in academic papers and has generated scientific knowledge that contextualizes the curatorial themes of the Museum’s cultural and scientific exhibitions related to social contradictions.