This group, created in March 2006 and led by professor and nurse Giovana Calcagno Gomes, aims to promote, question and reflect on studies and research on the health-disease process in children and adolescents living in various socio-environmental contexts. It brings together researchers, professionals and students to share experiences and generate knowledge. It seeks to subsidize nursing care for children and adolescents, emphasizing the construction of new care strategies and technologies, integrating and enhancing teaching, research, outreach and service in hospitals, primary health care centers, early childhood institutions and the community.

The group studies nursing and health technology for individuals and social groups; nursing, health and health education problems; health policies; socio-economic and cultural contexts and quality of life among children and adolescents and their families; and those co-responsible for changes in their health profiles.

The research and work carried out by group members includes presenting information and posters at events, lectures, courses and workshops, articles published in the nursing journal Qualis and TCCs, master’s theses and Ph.D. dissertations.

The group participates in monthly meetings to study thematic, theoretical and methodological articles and to develop articles, book chapters and papers to be presented at events. It also participates in performances of the Violence Prevention Project–Castle District; lectures at schools and kindergartens; trains daycare caregivers; and teaches a babysitter training course.