The Phonetic and Phonological Research Group (GEFF) - created and then certificate by CNPQ, in 2014 - is led by professers Dr. Marisa Porto do Amaral and Dr. Luciana Pilatti Telles. Currently is formed by six professers, five doctors and one master, as well as a graduate student of the Institute of Letters and Arts (FURG). The group aims to study, reflect and discuss theoretical methodological texts of interest of the area; to bring phonetical-phonological knowledge to schools, mainly workshops; to produce didactic material for Basic Education and for extension courses whose objectives include the development of awareness phonological study; prepare graduate students for the transcription of linguistic corpus, and stimulated the participation of the componentes in events and the publication of articles and books.

The GEFF’s research lines are: (1) Phonetics and Phonology and their interfaces: Morphology and Sintax; (2) Phonological Variation; (3)Acquisition of Mother Language and Foreign Languages; (4) Psycholinguistics. The projects linked to then are “The production of didatic activities of pronunciation in foreign languages” of Profa. Dr. Luciana Pilatti Telles and Profa. Dr. Luciene Bassols Brisolara, whose main objective is to produce didatic material for adults and childs, to be applied in a foreign language classroom (Portuguese, Spanish and Italian) at the CELE – Foreign Language Teaching Center; “Minilaboratory of Phonetics and Phonology” from Profa. Dr. Marisa Porto do Amaral, who has as one of her main objectives the formation of this research group, besides the creation of a space to develop the studies of phonetics and phonology, seeking to analyze the mecanisms underlying linguistic systems, with emphasis on Portuguese Brazilian; “Morphological Awarenesse in Literacy Process” coordinated by Profa. Dr. Susie Enke Ilha, with the purpose of investigating the morphology awareness of the child in the inicial years of elementar school, addressing the oral and the written with a purpose to acquiring the writing of words derived by suffixation of the Portuguese Language. In addition to these, there is the extension Project “Linguistic Awarenesse in Literacy Process” , also by Profa. Dr. Susie Ilha, who aims at the elaborating of play activities to be developed in the space of the Brinquedoteca/ICHI/NEAI/FURG and in Rio Grande’ public schools.

The activities carried out by the group are: biweekly meeting in the Phonological minilaboratory (LABFONO), for the study of thematic and theoretical-methodological references of diferent theorethical lines, preparation of didatic material, workshops at university and public schools. In 2017, the book “Phonological Awareness: A Collection of Oral Activities for the Classroom” was released by professers Dr. Susie Enke Ilha, Dr. Cláudia Camila Lara e Mc. Alexander Severo Córdoba.