The research group Visual Arts Study (AVE) –led by PhD. Fabiane Pianowski of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG) and MSc. Sarah Hallelujah Vicentini de Sampaio of the Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco (UNIVASF)– is formed by professors, students and researchers in Visual Art and Visual Culture.

Its main objective is to discuss and research the Visual Arts and Visual Culture in the fields of education, poetry and history, theory and criticism. It aims to expand production, promotion and training in Visual Arts, strengthening artistic and cultural diversity and contributing to its development in the areas where the research group operates through educational, artistic and cultural activities through teaching, research and extension projects.

The group has three lines of research: Art exhibitions: curatorship and educational action, coordinated by Fabiane Pianowski, studies art exhibitions, from the triad Artist (work of art) - Curator (meta-critic) - Mediator (education) and his contributions in the training of graduates and bachelors in Visual Arts; Art, Environment, Nature and Community, coordinated by Sarah Hallelujah Vicentini de Sampaio, investigates the aesthetic dialogues between art, environment, nature and community; and History, Theory and Critique of Art and Visual Culture, coordinated by Ivana Maria Nicola Lopes, researches the visual arts and visual culture, its processes of creation, reception, circulation and production of meaning, with emphasis on conceptual and contemporary art productions.


More information: Group's Mirror