The group of information technology aims to study the range of activities developed in society by the resources of information technology. Its purpose is to provide projects that can provide the social dissemination of information on a large scale of transmission, based on intelligent technological systems. The application, acquisition, processing, storage and transmission of data are also object of study of the group. The study of information technology is not restricted only to equipment, but also to applications and data communication. There are technologies related to computer planning, systems development, software support, production and operation processes, hardware support, among others. In the same way, information technology is used in education as a mediating tool between teaching and learning. As this intentionality the group focuses on the study of technologies in primary, secondary and higher education.


André Luis Castro de Freitas (coordenador)

Celso Luiz Lopes Rodrigues

Leonardo Ramos Emmendorfer

Luciane Albernaz de Araujo Freitas


Júlia de Ávila dos Santos

Laércio Diniz Guimarães Marques

Leonardo Santana Benevides

Raquel Machado Leite

Richard Nunes Machado

Sandra Moura Kunde Nunes