The group of Study and Research on Education and In/Exclusion – GEIX is lead by the professor Kamila Lockmann, associated to the Graduate Program in Education of the Institute of Education at FURG. GEIX aims to discuss the politics of school and social inclusion, and their effects on the constitution of subjectivities as on the processes of in/exclusion. It is composed of researchers from different national universities, such as: FURG, UFRGS, UNISINOS, UERGS – Alegrete Campus, Federal Institute of Farroupilha – Uruguaiana and Charqueadas Campuses, together with professors from Colombia associated to the National Pedagogical University of Bogota. Also, the group counts on undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students, graduated professionals, as well as elementary and secondary school teachers. Based on the poststructuralist perspective, meetings are held every two weeks, since 2012, to develop research and extension activities aimed to contribute to the development of researchers in the region, in addition to improving elementary and secondary school practices, regarding discussions on the contemporary challenges of school inclusion.




Twitter: @geix_furg