The Laboratory of Studies and Research in Methodologies of Decision Support Systems has the mission of contributing to the training of researchers in the area of ​​decision making, assisting government agencies and companies in the development of customized solutions to their problematic situations, at the same time as , publishes its research results in academic papers accepted by the national and international scientific community.

Since its formation, LabSADi has concentrated its execution in the area of ​​operational research with focus on the application of mathematical methods in the development of Decision Support Systems, which allow organizations to measure their performance and take corrective actions.

From this perspective, the objectives of the laboratory can be listed in four pillars that sustain it:

- Meeting the demands of the community in which it is inserted;

- Complementation of professional training through the insertion of academics and post-graduate students in the practice of operational research;

- Preparation of researchers and professionals at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to act in teaching, management and management levels; and

- Dissemination of the results of scientific work in Congresses and Periodicals, contributing to the expansion and evolution of knowledge.

The research lines of the laboratory are: Performance evaluation based on multicriteria methods; Mathematical programming models for solving managerial problems; statistical simulation of organizational systems; and identification, mapping and integration of organizational processes through process redesign techniques, such as BPMN notation

Team LabSADi