The GLobal Ocean Propagating Signals Team (GLOPS) is a research group focused on studying the processes associated with meso and large-scale ocean propagating signals. The main proposes of the group are: (1) develop and improve detection and analysis techniques for these propagating signals; (2) interpret the signals as phenomena that, despite they are majority represented by Rossby waves and mesoscale eddies, are sometimes confused with each other; (3) understand the interaction between propagating signals and the coastal and oceanic circulation in the western ocean boundaries. The improvement in the techniques of observation and detection of ocean propagating signals is essential to better understand the role of each phenomenon in the interaction with the western ocean boundary, besides to contribute in the advances of the sea level, coastal region, weather, and climate forecasts.


More information: Group's Mirror

Group's Leader: Fabrício Sanguinetti Cruz de Oliveira