Research line:Food Quality and Safety Repercussion:The present working group brings together researchers working in the fields of Chemistry and Chemical and Food Engineering, being characterized by working with family agriculture, nutrition and healthy food, food processing and industrialization, allergens, quality tools, waste and contamination. Thus, it seeks to promote the quality and safety of food, contributing to the development and expansion of scientific and technological knowledge, reconciling economic growth, improving quality of life and promoting healthy eating. Also, it aims at the training of qualified professionals, seeking the generation and dissemination of knowledge. Since 2014 the group has counted on four extension projects. One of them generated, in 2016, an extension course and in 2017, a literary publication. Also, in March 2017 the lato sensu specialization course in Food Quality and Safety began, whose teachers make up this working group.


Prof. Dr. Carlos Roberto de Menezes Peixoto

Prof. Dr. Cristiano Gautério Schmidt

Prof. Dra. Cristina Benincá

Prof. Dra. Eliana Badiale Furlong

Prof. Dr. Fábio Ferreira Gonçalves

Prof. Dra. Fernada Arnhold Pagnussatt

Prof. Dra. Francine Antelo

Prof. Dra. Itiara Gonçalves Veiga

Prof. Dra. Kessiane Silva de Moraes

Dra. Márcia Helena Scherer Kurz


Partner institutions:

Sindicato dos Trabalhadores Rurais de Santo Antônio da Patrulha