The Directory of Research, in addition to the delegations of specific competence established by the Dean, is responsible for promoting and carrying out the necessary actions for the implementation of the scientific policies defined by the higher councils; organize and coordinate the research activities of the University; organize and execute the institutional programs of scientific and technological initiation financed by the University or with sources of funding from private or public institutions; organize and keep updated the register of the research projects of the University; organize and keep updated the register of the scientific production of the University; and prepare the annual report of the activities of the Research Directory.


The activities of the Directory of Research aims to collaborate for scientific and technological development in social, economic and cultural aspects. It also seeks to support and stimulate groups of researchers from different areas of knowledge, aiming to promote the permanent interaction of these researchers with the various segments of the community, seeking to transform the generated knowledge into contributions to improve the life quality of the local population. The research dimension is also relevant as fundamental instrument of teaching activities - the university's primary and irreplaceable role.


The Coordination of Institutional Grants is part of the organizational structure of the Research Board.